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Powerup your searches

ElasticSearch - Powerup your searches!

First things first

ElasticSearch is a flexible and powerful open source, distributed real-time search and analytics engine for the cloud

In other languages, ES is fucking awesome!

Indexing data

JSON Documents are stored into an Index in a given Type.

We can think that an Index is something like a table (NEVER,...

New book is comming - Zend Certified Engineer (5.5)

The Zend PHP Certification book

First things first

This post will be in portuguese for one reason: The Book is in portuguese too. But... english folks, I'll launch it in english too, no worries :-)

O Livro

O livro visa abordar os tópicos cobrados no exame de forma didática. Com isso, programadores/aspirantes que desejam aprender...

New Zend certification - Zend Certified PHP Developer (5.5)

The impressive Zend Certified PHP Developer exam

First things first

Zend Certified PHP Developer, is the new version of Zend Certified Engineer exam based on PHP 5.5

The old exams

Every PHP developer that has already been submitted to the older versions of the exam, notice that all the ZCE exams have almost the same structure: